June 17th, 2015

BrakePack is a smart backpack for the urban cyclist. The bag provides signals and brake lights that are familiar to drivers, helping them anticipate and predict the cyclist’s intended direction.

February 2nd, 2013

Montague's Paratrooper Tactical Folding Mountain Bike was originally created for military use but is now available to the general public. Designed to drop from the sky and land prepared for action, the Paratrooper folding bike can tackle any terrain, and stash in your trunk for the ride home.

August 24th, 2012

“The EcoxPower will assure you’ll never run out of power on your smartphone or GPS. The genius contraption will charge your smartphone or GPS while you pedal; the faster you go the faster your device charges.”

August 17th, 2012

“In 2009, 630 bicyclists were killed and 51,000 were injured. The majority of bicyclist deaths occurred in urban areas. 

Reflectors are inexpensive, but they don’t produce light on their own. Some bicycles are equipped with integrated lighting systems, but these come at a high price. Traditional aftermarket lights usually work well, but they can fall off due to the plastic clips that fasten them to the bike. 

Glo Bars are an inexpensive, rechargeable solution to improve bicycle safety at night. Two activation buttons turn on the lights and trigger direction signals. The LED setup draws attention to the cyclist and creates awareness." 

July 18th, 2012

“Apply Swiss ingenuity and an active love of the outdoors to a landscape profuse with mountains, and you get the rechargeable Swiss electric bike.

These cycles have been growing in popularity throughout Europe, but leave it to the Swiss to fine-tune them and to create what may be the most extensive support network of marked trails anywhere in the world.

Ubiquitous battery-charging stations along the trails make long trips feasible, as do groups such as Swiss Trails, which can provide daily luggage transport.

With more than 400 rental stations across Switzerland, the newest versions of e-bikes boost pedal stroke up to 150 percent with the push of a button. They guarantee that even less fit riders can attack harrowing inclines with the grace of a Lance Armstrong.

But athletes, too, sing their wheelie praises. “I felt a little bit as if I was cheating, but my Swiss Flyer was more like insurance,” says college student Lizzy Williams, who rode from Basel through the hair-raising Gotthard Pass to Lugano.”

February 28th, 2012

“While much of the innovation in cycling products revolves around racing and other specialty bikes, the utility bike is the mainstay of the bike commuter, and arguably the future of transportation. A utility bike is built for reliable operation and convenient load-carrying capacity. What does tomorrow’s commuter bike look like? In addition to an open field of independent teams, several design firms and bike builders teamed up to address this challenge in their own way. A team of bike enthusiasts from IDEO’s Palo Alto office was paired with Rock Lobster, a Santa Cruz-based custom bike builder with 30 years in the business. After 10 months in development, the Faraday is as beautiful as it is functional. The design is loosely inspired by a vintage Swedish postal bike.

It is well worth the time to read about the design process behind this bike as well as the other entries- all documented over at core77. These are the future of utility bikes- and the Faraday shows a bike can have the brawn to live up to this challenge without sacrificing beauty, elegance, and style.”

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