January 4th, 2015

Purple is a modern take on the locket. It invites you to take a peek at what’s inside, pause from your hectic daily life, and smile.

October 16th, 2014

Fuffr is an iPhone case that turns the empty space around your phone into a useable interface. 

July 27th, 2012

“Intel asked frog design to look broadly at the topic of using digital signs in retail and public environments. With an open-ended brief, Intel wanted to explore opportunities for how its chips could be used to enhance ways that digital displays can appeal to consumers and merchants. frog teams did an intensive program of research and product and interaction design, then built several working prototypes of a large augmented reality touchscreen display. 

Together with Intel, frog’s team settled on a concept that addressed the fact that customers often need to be more self-reliant in stores today. The design involves two 7-foot-tall foot panels bound at the center like a book. These elegant glossy white frames with bamboo accents house cutting-edge technology to create an experience that people find quite magical.”

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